Drinkin’ Games: Bob’s Burgers

Every other Thursday, Imaginary Swims gets you drunk…with movies!

Hey, Imaginary Swimmers. Tom here. I come to you with the latest installment of our Drinkin’ Games. This week, I was easily persuaded to come up with an original for a show that probably didn’t have a lot yet. Since we’re all huge fans of the show, it seemed fitting that we create a Bob’s Burgers drinking game. Cheers to Fox’s excellent animate sitcom.

This actually describes Bob’s Burgers pretty well.

So here it is, a Bob’s Burgers drinking game. The rules are:

1. Drink any time Gene plays a sample off his keyboard.
2. Drink any time Tina makes that “eeeeennnnnnggh” sound.
3. Drink any time Linda sings.
4. Drink any time you see a series of quick close-ups.
5. Drink any time Louise starts shouting.
6. Drink any time Teddy says “Hey, Bob”.
7. Drink any time insanity among the characters spreads quickly.

If you don’t want to have to remember any of those rules, just drink any time anyone says “Bob” or “Dad”.

Per usual, we recommend that you stick to beer while playing the games. Likewise, Bob’s Burgers is only a half hour show, so play it for three to five episodes. They’re all great, so you can’t go wrong picking any of them. Enjoy!

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I’ll take you out with a ridiculous video from comedian Eugene Mirman, who plays Gene on the show.

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